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Some Residential Services

Emergency unlock

Fast service 30 min or less

If you are locked out of your home or need to gain entry to a property, we can certainly assist. If you need a re-key for a home or require new hardware installation, we can do that too.




Locks rekeyed or changed

Call for quote flate fee only

We could rekey your locks, so the old key doesn't work anymore, or if your locks are looking old and tired or not functioning correctly, we can install new locks or repair them. We carry a large selection of locks to choose from standard lock to high-security locks.



mailbox lock replacement

Lost key or broken lock

When you lose the key your mailbox, you need to be able to take out the old one to put in the new lock. Unless you know what you’re doing or a locksmith yourself our locksmith tech is qualified and trained to install new locks. Trust us that we can get it to you within an hour for a low price and a quick service!

lock repair or new installation

You Probably Already Need to Change Your Locks

The first step to sound security in your home or office starts with installing a solid door lock. If your door locks are out of date, rusted or just not working correctly, then your entire security system is compromised. A fancy security system is indeed a significant investment, but if somebody can jimmy your lock open in three seconds and quickly deactivate it, then what good is it? Total home security is hard to obtain, but through a combination of sensible planning and risk assessment, you can sleep soundly at night, not worry about going on vacation or not stress about your kids being left home alone. This all begins with your door locks.

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